Who We Are

Unlike most Music Stores that offer just sales or rentals of musical instruments, Dorsey Music has a unique position in the area having the largest selection of Orchestra (people come from out of state) (nobody else has the selection in stock of 1/4 and 1/8 size upright basses), Band (not just beginner but step-up and pro as well), Guitars (1,000's to choose from), accordions, tons of Ukuleles, Grand Pianos at both showrooms (come see the award winning Grand Hybrid Digital Piano), more PA / Speaker boxes than any other Store in the state, Drums, (and sorry if I didn't mention your instrument, but I bet we have it somewhere, down to the didgeridoo), and a lot of accessories for all those instruments!

Other than sales, we do a lot of service for each type of instrument from setting sound-posts to a Gold level Fender gear-head guitar repairman... the only in the area. We do most all of our repairs on site, so you can actually talk to your repair person, whether Band, Orchestra, PA, Guitars, etc.

Our prices are competitive with any other online store. So why not check us out? Our main location is in Nampa, Idaho with a large location in our state capitol of Boise.

In a nutshell, Dorsey Music is Idaho's most complete music store with great selections of every musical instrument and accessories.

The Dorsey Music staff is a diverse group of professional musicians with expertise in every field. We strive to provide the best service and great selections of every musical instrument and all accessories.



Where We Are